Precinct Committeeman Project

The Problem

In the last election, the Illinois Republican Party suffered its worst defeat in modern history — spawning Democrat super-majorities in both houses of the General Assembly. After Pat Brady resigned as Party Chairman, party leadership replaced him with Jack Dorgan — a Springfield lobbyist who is linked to the Illinois Democrat Party leadership and to Bill Cellini, a notorious client currently in prison for federal corruption. This is the same Jack Dorgan who was involved in denying any opportunity to conservative, Tea-Party, and Ron Paul delegates attending the June 2012 Illinois Republican State Convention to nominate delegates for the national convention.

Solution: Run for Precinct Committeeman

You have no doubt heard the expression, “All politics is local.” That may be true in many respects, but it’s certainly true in one way which Republicans have paid little attention to. Democrats fill all of their Precinct Committeeman positions with active party members who get out the vote. Republicans have filled only half of their Precinct Committeeman positions throughout the state. It’s Precinct Committeemen who turn out Republican votes at the local level, who elect Republican County Chairmen, and who vote for members of the Republican State Central Committee — the same State Central Committee that locked us out of the 2012 Illinois Republican State Convention and gave us Jack Dorgan as Chairman.

Do you see where I’m going? If we want to restore honor and accountability to the party at the state level and enable liberty-minded candidates for success in future elections, the answer is within our reach: fill as many Republican Precinct Committeeman positions with some real grassroots liberty-minded people.

How to Run

1. MEET THE REQUIREMENTS — To run for Precinct Committeeman you must be:

  • A minimum of 18 years of age.
  • A United States citizen.
  • A registered voter of your precinct.


  • Fill out the Precinct Committeeman Primary Petition and print two copies.
  • Begin gathering signatures of registered voters IN YOUR PRECINCT beginning on September 3, 2013.
  • Meet the signature requirements – Precinct Committeemen require a minimum of 10 signatures. Make sure to get at least 20 signatures to avoid a petition challenge.
  • File the following nominating papers with the County Clerk the week of November 25th thru December 2nd, 2013:

Precinct Committeeman Primary Petition
Statement of Candidacy
Loyalty Oath (Optional)


  • As a PAID member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Illinois, we will help you with walk lists for your precinct, flier design/printing and will provide you with contact information of other liberty supporters in your county.

***If you live in Cook County, the rules are different. Committeemen do not run at the precinct level. Please contact us directly to find out details on how to run for Township or Ward Committeeman in Cook County.

If you would like more information or to be contacted about the Precinct Committeeman Project, please fill in the form below.  You will only be contacted regarding running for Precinct Committeeman in your area.

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