Constitution Day: Celebrate It by Learning to Enforce It

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 @ 9:56PM

When I think of a “Constitution Day” speech, three things pop into my head.

First, I expect to hear a speech about the greatness of the Constitution and the wisdom of the Founding Fathers.

Second, that speech will likely cover the many ways that today’s Federal government is nothing close to the Founders’ constitutional vision.  I’d hear about some of the ways the supreme court has flipped the constitution on its head, and how politicians from both major political parties only care about the constitution when it fits their political goals.  They ignore or violate it with impunity when it doesn’t.

The last thing that pops in my mind when thinking about a Constitution Day speech is the fact that I really don’t have any interest in hearing that particular speech.   Look, I already know that the Founders had a far different vision for this country.  I know that the legal meaning of the Constitution is wildly different than what the courts and the experts tell us it means today.  I know that the federal government today treats the Constitution more like a roadblock rather than a set of chains.

I’d be surprised if anyone attending a Constitution Day speech thought much differently.  No, I don’t think anyone willing to spend their hard-earned money to go to an event like this goes to celebrate the awesome job that federal politicians are doing to follow the rules given to them.

So, if you were hoping to learn some crucial facts about the founding, or about the Virginia Plan and the General Welfare Clause, I’m sorry to disappoint.

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